21 easy ways YOU can SAVE CHUCK NOW

Chuck has been renewed for a fifth and what they say will be the final season of Chuck.  But if the ratings were to change then I have little doubt the network execs would reconsider.   They basically precanceled the show and moved it to Friday to let it have a final season and go out quietly but this could also be to our advantage. if Chuck can pull anywhere near the 1.9 it held all last winter it would be the most popular show on Friday and they would have almost no choice but to renew.  Fringe was renewed with only a 1.4 and that’s on Fox where the ratings are much higher and shows get canceled with much higher ratings than those that are renewed on NBC.

Most of the ideas are not mine and they are not listed in order of importance but instead new ideas are added to the bottom so make sure to read all of them.  Also read the comments, they are ideas submitted by people and I keep them there.

If you want to copy any of the ideas, link to my site, or give my address to others you have my permission; as long as you are doing it to help the show it is fine with me.

1a. If you have a Nielsen box: watching live is best, but now that it’s on Friday if you have to go out then make sure to watch your DVR within 3 days and do NOT fastforward any part of the show.

if you don’t have a Nielsen box then they can not tell if you are watching live.

1b If you have DVR but not a Nielsen box: have your DVR record it, watch the entire episode (without fast forwarding through any part including commercials) on the night that it airs.  DVRs records the number of people recording and viewing a show in a given time frame including if they watch commercials, advertisers don’t like people waiting to watch a show so do it that night or at least within 3 days. If you have more than one DVR, you can do it with more than one.  You can also replay the episodes on your DVR to boost the numbers

1c:  watch “on demand” beginning this year on demand video on demand or online services which show all the commercials from the broadcast are suppose to be included in the final Nielsen ratings that advertisers and the network actually use.

2.Stream the episodes online http://www.nbc.com/chuck/video/ and http://www.hulu.com/chuck are both free and make money for NBC each time an episode is viewed through ad revenue this helps to pay the licensing fee and thus to keep the show on the air.  Don’t watch at other pirated sites which don’t make money for NBC and will not help Save Chuck.
a)If actually watching then click on EVERY ad, its easy you can close the window after it loads completely.  They get paid a lot more for clicked ads than viewed ads.
b)You can play them repeatedly in the background while not watching; still click on as many ads as you can;  Streaming on both nbc.com and hulu.com at the same time is almost twice as effective; try to get your friends to stream in the background they probably will, it is free and easy, with a cable modem etc it does not effect internet speed

**to decrease the effect on your internet speed change the setting to SD under preferences and decrease the size to normal.

See paragraph at end if you do not think that online views matter.

3. :http://www.rewardtv.com/

it is done by Nielsen (it is owned by Nielsen a very reputable company, it is not a scam); you have to create an account, then go there every Tuesday (it has to be the day after the show airs) and do a trivia game about Chuck they will ask questions about the show and the commercials.  It only takes a few minutes every Tuesday and it really could help the show; the Nieslen company are the one’s who determine the ratings, this is another way they gather data besides their boxes.

4. http://saveourchuck.com/

I advice everyone to check out this site. has a lot of really good ideas, some of their ideas might take a little bit more effort but they will be effective if you are willing to do them.

5. Post SAVE CHUCK messages everywhere that you can think of
dont just write SAVE CHUCK but also give a brief description saying that Chuck is on the bubble and how people can help you can direct them here or the official save chuck forum on nbc.com.  I have been posting comments on youtube with some success, if you know of any other good sites share them by replying

6. Tell Your Friends
word of mouth should not be underestimated

7. Vote in all online polls

if you find any new ones then leave the address in the reply section

8. Buy Merchandise and DVDs from official site-will make money for both NBC and WB so both will want it back
I know they are expensive but if you want it anyway now is a good time to buy

9. Spread our ideas to as many fans as possible; probably the most important
Don’t worry about who gets the credit, our only goal is to get Chuck to stay on the air.

10.Change your comment,signature etc to a SAVE CHUCK message
for instance on xbox live and ps3

11.Loan your DVD’s to your friends, or watch it with them live or on DVD

12.Buy episodes from itunes, amazon,  xbox live etc.

13.Social Networking Sites: use facebook, twitter etc to spread the word

14.Get messages into mass media:  for instance you can write into magazines or newspapers that have letter or opinion sections,  try to make it fit with their  focus to have a better chance of it being accepted.  For instance Yvonne was in mass effect 2 so you could tie the show into a gaming magazine.

14b.  let talk shows etc know that you want to see Chuck actors on the shows and that you would watch if they were.  People online got Betty White on SNL.  We may be able to do the same thing with Zach, Yvonne or Adam( he might be the easiest because of his following by Firefly fans who are also devoted and might join in if we started)

15.http://www.weheartchuck.com/ : the basic idea is to print out posters and hang them around town

16.http://chucktv.net/2010/04/02/chuck-declassified/ : place ads in local papers etc

17. Print out flyers and hand them out.

18.  Wear Chuck shirts and hats makes you into a walking Chuck advertisement

19. Show advertisers you are influenced more by Chuck advertising than others.                                                                                                http://chuckthisblog.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/chucktoberfest/

19b. Also don’t forget to include Product placement sponsors; we know of  Toyota, Subway, Dell, Cadillac and I think National Geographic and Guns and Ammo last year (though I’m not sure of the last two)

20.  A new board for people who want to help Chuck http://board.chucks-army.com/

21. Come up with more ideas and post them here under reply.  if you have any new ideas or just know of other people’s ideas that I don’t have here (or in the sites I link too) then post them here or at the official Save Chuck thread http://boards.nbc.com/nbc/index.php?showtopic=840597

*Internet views do matter:  People like to say that Nielsen ratings are the only factor in a shows renewal; they are the most important factor but not by any means the only one.  I know most people will tell you that online views do not count, but trust me they do, they actually make more per viewer per ad online than they do during broadcast.  Since there are more ads in broadcast television they make more per viewer during the broadcast than they do online but some shows make as much as 50% per viewer online as they do per broadcast viewer.   Also each viewer is actually counted instead of relying on Nielsen so they know the exact number of times each episode is played on nbc.com which is actually how they are payed.  Not only does watching episodes online increase revenue (the most important thing), but it also shows support for Chuck.  Imagine if the producers can go into the executives and say that Chuck is the number 1 full length show on nbc.com, you have to admit that would definitely help in the cause of getting the show renewed.  So not only do online views count but they actually count in more than one way.  They are not as important as Nielsen ratings but they still do matter, and they still can make the difference in whether the show is renewed.  If NBC didn’t care about people streaming their shows at nbc.com then they wouldn’t put commercials for it on their broadcasts.

I know the page isn’t pretty I’m only interested in simplicity of use and substance, no reason to reply about how I should spend time on the appearance


8 Responses to “21 easy ways YOU can SAVE CHUCK NOW”

  1. Tweets that mention 19 easy ways YOU can SAVE CHUCK « SAVE CHUCK -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rafael Reyes. Rafael Reyes said: Ok Chucksters, it's time for the last gasp. Check out https://savechucknow.wordpress.com/1/ and #SoSChuck. Need a big push now! […]

  2. Brandon Says:

    I have an idea for a unique way to help save chuck. Have a Save Chuck campaign using a flash mob at BEST BUY hq in Richfield, MN dressed up as Nerd Herders and Buy Morons. This can show the executives of BBY that not only is there a powerful fanbase for Chuck, but that the fanbase of Chuck can directly relate the “Nerd Herd” as the “Geek Squad” and “Buy More” as “Best Buy”.

    This may be a great way to win over a corporate sponsor and maybe even bigger advertising revenue for the show.

  3. Lily1 Says:

    This works because we’ve done it several times: Offer free computer-literacy help to local people at the local library.
    Wear your Chuck hat or a Nerd Herd shirt. Teach them to use the library computers and whatever systems they have at home (we find many many people cannot navigate their own computers). Bring in your laptop and do demos of cool programs (photoshop, etc). Get people hooked on computers. We have been amazed at how many people are just not computer savvy and they really get excited to have someone with the patience to get them started. Show retirees how to find forums and do searches, teach young people about tutorial sites, Lynda, SAT prep sites, online courses, etc. Teach them word, pages, excel, etc. You would be amazed at how many people are not computer literate because they never had someone to get them started.
    After they stretch their brains and feel good about themselves, Teach people how to live stream Chuck!
    Chuck is ultimately a good guy who wants to help people, and this is what HE would do!

  4. di Says:

    here’s a suggestion. contact all the talk shows to have Chuck cast people on. talk shows like: all the night/late night shows, day time shows like Rachel Ray, Regis, Ellen, etc.

  5. angelpoo12 Says:

    Let @nbc , @NbcFanIt know on Twitter we’re watching Chuck.

  6. Nabil Says:

    I think Subway is still promoting Chuck………so go eat fresh at Subway!

  7. Steven Says:

    I found this petition to give Chuck a 5th Season. You just need a twitter account.

  8. Nancy Cassarino Says:

    Salviamo Chuck, è una serie FENOMENALE!!!
    Firmate questa petizione x salvare Chuck!!!!!

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